Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Perth

Delivering outstanding carpet cleaning quality in Perth We do professional carpet cleaning.

If you’re looking at hiring a carpet cleaning technician, what you are about to read could save you quite a bit of frustration and time.

The reality about the carpet cleaning industry is that many carpet cleaners will try to tempt you into making a booking by offering a very cheap quote or a ‘too good to be true’ offer.
When they’re in your home their main goal is to sell you a number of extras that should already be a part of standard carpet cleaning anyway.

They simply can’t afford to give you a good, honest and deep carpet clean that is of high standards at the price they originally quoted you.

Therefore they must rely on up-selling services like stain treatment, industrial cleaning, deodorising, sanitising and Scotch-guard (or protection as it is now called) when they are in your home.

We at the Auz Cleaning have a different approach. Our friendly staff will discuss your requirements and take a detailed brief to ensure our estimates cover the scope of work and meet your expectation. We deliver a reliable, quality deep clean every time, backed by a quality control inspection. Each professional cleaning technician only completes 3 to 4 carpet cleans per day where others do 7, 8 and even 9, which means we are able to invest a lot more time in cleaning your carpeting properly.

Call the Auz Cleaning today on 1300 765 118 and experience the quality and professional carpet cleaning you deserve.

Here’s what you can expect when you have your carpets cleaned with the Auz Cleaning:

Pre-vacuuming with industrial, hospital-grade vacuum cleaner that removes up to 70% of dry soils in carpeting
Furniture moving (please note the Auz Cleaning is able to carefully move most furniture)
Pre-conditioning and spot treatment (some spots and stains are extra) is applied hot to work immediately and more effectively
Rotary agitation with soft brush or pad to loosen soiling?
Powerful truck mount steam extraction delivering higher heat and more vacuum, resulting in cleaner and dryer carpets
Deodorising and neutralising of carpets, meaning no sticky residue is left in your carpet and therefore no re-soiling?
Utilise a rotary dry pad to leave your carpets walk-on dry?
Replacement of furniture with foam blocks and protective tabs, protecting both your carpets and furniture?
Final grooming of carpets to remove cleaning marks, resulting in carpet pile standing high to maximise appearance and reduce drying time

Contact the Auz Cleaning today on 1300 765 118 and see quality carpet cleaning at its highest levels.

Call us today for Quotation, Top Cleaning job garrented.
We have special package if you do all those at once.( home cleaning, law mowing & carpet cleaning)

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